Hazards and Advantages of Alcohol Usage

Surprisingly little is known about the risks and benefits of moderate alcohol consumption in healthy adults. Almost all lifestyle studies, including  exercise, diet, alcohol, and caffeine, rely on patient recall and accurate reporting of one’s habits over time. These research may imply that two things are related, but not necessarily that one causes the other. Adults in excellent health may engage in more social activities and consume reasonable amounts of alcohol, but the liquor does not contribute to making them healthy.

On the other hand, if you’re a light to moderate drinker who’s in good health, you should be able to continue drinking as long as you do so sensibly. Here’s a closer look at the relationship between drinking and your health.



When to Abstain from Drinking

In certain cases, the hazards of alcohol may outweigh the potential health advantages. For example, whether you’re pregnant or attempting into becoming pregnant, see your doctor before drinking. Maybe you’ve already been identified with alcoholism or addiction, or you come from an alcoholic family. You may have had a hemorrhagic stroke , had liver or pancreatic illness, heart failure, or been informed you have a weak heart.


Making a Decision About Drinking

Don’t start drinking alcohol if you don’t already because of the prospective health advantages. However, if you drink in moderation and are healthy, you should be able to continue as long as you drink responsibly. Consult your doctor about what is best for your health and safety.