Top Pharmaceutical Trends for 2022 and 2023

Our hand-picked list of the leading 2022 pharma trends. The topics covered in this study on today’s new pharmaceutical trends were selected because of their rapid growth on platforms such as TikTok, Google, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, Amazon, and YouTube.  Learn something about how we analyze global trends.





Consumers are frequently more willing to pay inconsistent rates when a thing or service is one-time, such as surgery, and less willing to pay inconsistent rates when a good is undifferentiated, such as prescription medications, when a price rise does not always imply higher product quality.

Despite this, prescription pharmaceuticals can have radically disparate pricing even amongst retailers that are only a few miles away. When a user searches for a certain medicine, GoodRx displays a map of local pharmacies with drug pricing overlaid.


Clinical Study Dynamics in Transition

Many colleges still recommend Craigslist as the greatest site to get people for clinical studies.

All of this is part of the extraordinary lengths that pharmaceutical corporations would go to in order to get their new treatments authorized. Clinical trials account for approximately $2.6 billion of the entire cost of producing a new medicine. Aside from the financial expense, there is also a significant time cost. Most clinical studies linger on, costing pharmaceutical corporations much more money in lost income.

Even still, clinical trials are inefficient: 70% of participants reside more than 2 hours away from trial sites.