How to Add Tea Into Your Family’s Lifestyle

Woman drinking tea while working on her laptop


Enjoying tea moments, there is nothing better than that, isn’t there? Especially if you can share this moment of enjoyment with other loved ones around you. It can be a favorite time with friends, colleagues, and your whole family. Only, which tea is most suitable as a family tea, for both the adults and the children? You can even enjoy a tea like Tea Burn which is not only good for your family’s health, it can also help you and your family manage your weight.

Read on for the best tips.

Tea is accessible to everyone, including the whole family

Tea supplements originated from the idea that loose quality tea should be available and accessible to everyone. So, young or old, everyone deserves a vital and tasteful moment with tea. That is why I would like to tell you why and which tea is popular with the whole family.

Pass on your tea habits to your children

Tea has healthy and tasty properties. That’s why it’s fun to introduce your kids to pure tea and iced tea. From the world of soft drinks to the world of tea, you tell them that this natural product can be just as tasty (or maybe even tastier) with a more positive impact on your health. This way they take over nice habituation and they benefit from it throughout their lives.


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Why should your children drink tea?

Why do you want to give tea habits to your children? That’s very simple.


Tea contains no sugar, making it a healthy alternative to, for example, soft drinks. In addition, adding sugar is not necessary with tea, because the flavors are soft and not bitter. That is why the younger generation likes it very much.

Cold and hot

You make hot and cold tea. Pure tea can be a perfect solution even when the children ask for a cool and thirst-quenching moment. Click here and read how to make iced tea step by step.

No calories

A vital lifestyle is a life with enough sleep, enough exercise, and also enough nutrition. And then the right nutrition. If you choose tea, you choose hydration without a few sips going into a calorie bomb that is comparable to a bag of fries.


Each type of tea has certain antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals in it that make a positive contribution to your mental and physical health. For example, there is vitamin C and iron in honey forests, green forests, and rooibos. Very good to drink a cup or glass of it in time.

Which tea is best suited for your family?

Just like sugar, you don’t want your child to consume too much caffeine. So now you may be wondering: what about caffeine? Tea leaves of the tea plant have caffeine in them. This means that green, black, oolong, white, yellow, and Pu Erh tea all contain a small amount of caffeine.

Still, I have a special and simple trick to make sure the caffeine decreases to a minimal amount.

Fortunately, there is also a completely decaffeinated alternative to tea.

  • Honey Tea
  • Green Tea
  • Rooibos Tea

Tea to school

Children can enjoy a cup of tea or glass of iced tea at home, but it can also be done differently. With this iced tea bottle to go, every child takes his or her favorite tea to school or anywhere else. You fill the bottom with loose tea, supplement it with cold (for iced tea) or warm water (for hot tea) and drink. You can even (leave a layer in the bottle for this) two to three times extra. The iced tea bottle to go also has a handy built-in filter that stops the tea leaves while drinking. Ow, and: he may fall!

Final words

With the above tips you can enjoy tea or iced tea with the whole family deliciously and healthily, and each other!